Is Twitch social media platform? Streamer Playbook


Twitch is the great place to see new audiences who have similar interest in digital platform. there has many peoples are liked interesting gaming videos. you can talk with them for interesting topic. Is Twitch a social media? Twitch is not performed as social media among peoples. Although Twitch is the best place to meet … Read more

A complete guide to Flickr for business marketing

Flickr Business Marketing

Flickr is simply a photo management application powered by Yahoo search giants. The main purpose of Flickr has provided user intent by sharing videos, images and photos. This platform is only provided storage to keep various kinds of photos, images and videos. however, Flickr can usefully tool for small businesses like blogging and influencer marketing. … Read more

Yahoo Search Marketing: Apply Better Strategy from YSM Campaign

Yahoo Marketing

Yahoo Search Marketing is similar work as Google ad network and Microsoft ad network. this is pay per click (PPC) advertising platform. Yahoo Ad depends on quality score and bid which is relied on the ad’s click-through rate (CTR). It targets how many times the ad is displayed, and the user clicks on the ad. … Read more

How to use Skype for Business Marketing?

Skype Business Marketing

Digital communication has been the most important successful way for brand reputation.  this also has helped build a vibrant community among people. Digital marketers still avoid the requirement to create connections through instant messaging and live video chatting services. The intellectual company takes these services professionally. Skype is one of the best platforms for this … Read more

YouTube Marketing: best practices forever

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the best place for marketing in recent day. promotion of YouTube video is getting in high level like for sponsor contents, affiliate marketing, brand promotion, product promotion, lead generation. YouTube is one of the best social media platforms for promotion by Video. this is only one social media to share long video. We … Read more

What is Telegram? How to use it for marketing?

Telegram Marketing

Telegram is best social media platform for marketing. there have many options for audience engagement like telegram channel or telegram group are best ways to gain more followers for marketing. This social media platform has growing rapidly. According to Google Search, around 400 million active monthly users who are daily use telegram social media to … Read more

What is pinterest? Expand audiences with this social media

Pinterest community

Pinterest is much popular for interesting video and target audiences. We can daily publish the contents to grow users. this is a best social media platform to drive massive user traffic on website. you can follow up this blog to learn more about this social media platform. Is Pinterest good social media platform? definitely, we … Read more