What Is Chatterbait social media? – A basic explained

Chatterbait is a trending social media platform. This is a booming very widely. This is a best social media platform for users to share ideas, conversations and connect with many of things. In this article we will share our experience to provide brief information about chatterbait social media.

What Is Chatterbait social media? How it works?

Chatterbait is open source social media platform. This platform allows users to create own profile and share experience with other users. This platform has same similarity as other social media platform such as facbook, twitter, instagram, youtube.

The Chatterbait social media aims to provide engagement and best experience for users. The popularity of this social media has growing rapidly. Now, we will discuss, how this social media works for internet users. So, let’s know about it.

To use this social media platform ,you need  to create account. you can fill up the details such as name, address, age, country, hobbies and interests. Once, you have created own account, then you can start connect with other users on this platform. This will be east if you have already facebook , twitter and instagram account.

Chatterbait social media allows users to create specific room to discuss about topic. You can join other users to discuss about important topics. The users are able to share link, messages or private messages to other users. Chatterbait also called as “whispers” they allow users to have private communication within chat room.

Why Chatterbait is so popular?

The chatterbait social media is getting popularity very widely because of they allow users to get communication about specific topic as publicly and privately.

This social media appeals users to meet with new popular users. Overall, this social media encourages users to join specific room to discuss about interesting topics. It make easier to find best information about specific topics through this social media.

Chatterbait has become popular due to they allow users to use premium features for users. This makes attractive for all users  to use this features without single penny.

Chatterbait social media provides innovative features for increasing the user experience on this platform. You can consider below following features of this new social media platform like:

  • Personalized Feed – This social media provides feed option on Home page. Therefore, users can engagement with most relative topics.
  • Interesting Topic – users can create room to get discuss about specific topic. Users  are able to participate in room for conversation.
  • Group and Community – This social media allows users to join group or community for specific hobbies.
  • Gamification – they allow gamification component, users can earn badges and reward from this platform.


Chatterbait is new social platform which is rapidly growing. They allow users to use premium features as free. This also allows users to make community or group to discuss about specific topics.

It’s open source and reliable platform to use. You can pick best experts from community. They also offer for private and public messages. Overall, this is s best place to use as social media platform.

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