The match between Barcelona and Inter has been draw. Both have 3-3 goals.

O. Dembele has got first goal for Barcelona at 40 minutes of the half time.

N. Barella has equaled goal score by getting a goal at 50 minutes for Inter.

L.Martinez has did second goal for Inter at 63 minutes.

Inter takes 2-1 leads till remaining 10 minutes of the match.

R. Lewandowski has reduced 1 goal lead at 82 minutes for Barcelona.

R. Gosens has made third goal for Inter at 89 minutes.

Lewandowsk's penalty kicked goal saves Barca for defeat.

He has did that goal in extra time of the second half.

Inter takes 2nd position in Group C stage with 7 points.

Barca has made 3rd position with 4 points.