Houston Astros beats Seattle Mariners by 8-7 runs.

Astros takes lead of 1-0 against Mariners in three game series.

SEA has made 13 home runs in this game, when HOU has 11 home runs.

For Astros, Alverz has made 2 highest runs opponent Mariners.

Altuve, Pena, Bregman, Gurriel, Meyers and McCormick have scored a run.

Verlander has paid highest 6 runs to Mariners on bowling pitching.

Javier has given 1 run on bowling pitching.

For Mariners, Rodriguez has made 3 highest runs against Astros.

Suarez, Frazier, Kelenic and Crawford has scored Singal run.

Gilbert has given 3 highest runs to Astrons.

Munoz and Sewald has paid 2 runs and Ray have given 1 run to Astrons.