Phillies defeats Braves by 7-6 runs in Game 1, MLB Final.

By won this game, Phillies takes 1-0 lead against Braves.

Phillies have made 12 home runs in this game opponent Braves.

When Braves has completed 9 home runs against Phillies.

For Phillies, Realmuto has made 2 runs opponent Braves.

Hoskins, Harper, Castellanos, Segura and Sosa have scored a run for Phillies.

On Bowling Field,  Suarez has given only 1 run in 3.1 IP.

Eflin has paid highest 3 runs to Braves.

For Braves, Olson has made 2 runs on batting opponent Phillies.

Acuna, Swanson, Contreras, d'Arnaud has scored a run for Braves.

M. Fried has paid highest 4 runs on bowling pitching to Phillies.