The match between Benfica and PSG has been draw with match goal of 1-1.

Lionel Messi has did first goal for PSG at 22 minutes of the match.

PSG defender Danilo Pereira has made mistake to get score equal for Benfica.

Benfica remains unbeaten home game opponent PSG in European games.

PSG have just 1 won match in last seven UEFA champion league matches.

they have one won against Maccabi with 3-1 goals.

Benfica have just one lost in last nine champions league games. they have 4 won, 4 draw and 1 lost.

They have home defeat to Liverpool in quarter final last season 2021-2022.

PSG still remain first position in Group E stage.

Benfica has made 6 shots on goal post, when PSG have 7 shots on goal.