Winnie the Pooh horror movie may have absolutely ruined the childhood as said by many peoples according to twitter tweets. 

The entire premise of this film to appears as if a few person who has nothing to do with their lifestyles decided they became Winnie the Pooh into horror. 
By Dancing Piece Of Bread

Wait...I idea the WInnie the poo horror movie aspect became a joke...It's no longer.  By Eden @Edenlowlichnt

Promise me you will usually recollect: you are braver than you agree with, more potent than you appear and smarter than you believe                     
        BY April Garrett @pnw_april

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey is a horror repeat of "the famous legend of Winnie.
This of route isn't always being finished via Disney
      Tweet By IGN

Wininie the pooh is the best and beloved movie for child and who beloved the cartoon or disney.

Recently, the trailer launched of the winnie the pooh horror movie.

Date isn't released yet. But, trailor has launched in recently. may there have much funny or horror. Peoples are waiting for it.

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