Winnie the pooh horror movie or Winnie the pooh : Blood and Honey

Recently, Winnie the pooh horror movie trailer has released. this movie has been cause of controversial. many peoples have been against this movie. however, some are feeling this is a funny movie.

Winnie the pooh is the American’s cartoon disney channel movie. this is released in year of July 15, 2011. In this, the Winnie and pooh and friends has been childhood heroes for peoples and beloved by many childrens.

Regardless, Winnie the pooh horror movie related information shared by IGN is American Video game and Entertainment Inc. found by Ziff Davis. This company has located at San Francisco, USA (United State of America).

Why does Winnie the pooh horror movie?

when someone has asked question to this movie director Rhys waterfield, he said “we were  desired “Winnie the pooh movie” in different characters. We are trying to give whole new look up for this movie”.

Latest Tweets For Winnie the pooh : Blood and Honey

@Tinalng27390790 – This horror movie is an evil, Winnie the pooh horror is truly uncaught ideas for loved “Winnie the pooh movie”

@Justin_L_Smith_ ” There has none touched in this movie”. maybe, this movie has still secret.

@LoverOfElsa says, “I like this Winnie the pooh. I am so excited to see Winnie the pooh horror movie”. Some are very grateful for this movie has appeared among peoples.

@KyleSidwell – This hurts the favorite disney cartoon movie “Winnie the pooh”. this is really controversial topic for someone. But, still there has gossip.


This movie has caused of controversial. Because, Winnie and friends are been childhood heroes for may peoples. However, there has some secret. Winnie the pooh horror movie date has not confirmed yet.

This movie trailer has launched week ago. still many peoples are waiting for any new information regarding this uncaught ideas for loved “Winnie the pooh”. you can see here twitter campaign about Winnie the pooh horror movie trailer.

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